Studio Kusan

The Kusan d.o.o. architectural firm from Zagreb (Croatia) is an architectural firm founded in 1992 whose owners, Ivana and Tomislav Kusan, are both well-known architects who deal primarily in tourism projects: from restaurants to recreation, to wellness centers, as well as ludic architectural projects and addressed to the cultural heritage restructuring. Ivana and Tomislav Kusan have both graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Zagreb University in 1985. At the end of their studies, they followed the family footsteps becoming the third generation of architects in their families.
The Kusan’s offers consulting services and design from concept to investment valuation up to the complete project documentation to obtain the necessary permits for the construction and execution of the project, implementing solutions in design and selection of equipment. Throughout their career, they had the opportunity to work on all the aspects of recreational and tourism, catering and accommodation.