Architetto Isacco Brioschi

Born in Monza on May 15th, 1970, he graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis in Architectural Technology "The new possible places: the recovery of the Military Hospital of Baggio", whose conceptual tension moves from trying to undock the built environment from the archetype institutions, while retaining their functionality through both testing the use of innovative materials (polycarbonate, epoxy resins) and conjugation of artistic inspiration, in particular, the style of Lodola.
In the wake of this idea, he founded in 1999 in Milan “Studio Isaac Brioschi Architecture & Design”, conceived as a forge of new architectural formulas in which the materials technology, art and nature come together in a compositional logic.
Architectural works carried out to date and those under construction have as protagonists spaces, places of living and working, that constantly interact between innovation and heritage, technology and environment, between art and function.
These are exactly the guidelines that animate the current major project of the MCU MEDIOLANUM CORPORATE UNIVERSITY.
The study of this Corporate which, no doubt, will become the place of the most innovative training and research in Italy, started from research conducted by Healthy Plants about the benefits of introducing vegetation in working and studying places..
Once again, the architectural challenge is to prevent the loss of man calling his nature, making it "fit and balance in his environment."