Architetto Dennis Pisoni

Born in Trento in 1969, shows, in early age, a strong preference for the design as personal form of expression. In 1994 he graduated in architectural and museum design (the Polytechnic of Milan), with a thesis on the development of a contemporary art museum located in the same city of Milan. In 1997 he opened the architectural firm that bears his name. The conceptual lines of his work are based on the dictates of the hermeneutics school, which interprets the project as smooth, deep relationship with the dynamics of space and time in which it will be placed. A report architecture, then, aimed to understand the many contact factors between the natural environment and local historical traditions, drawing on all this to achieve a synthesis that seeks sustainable development.

The Pisoni architectural firm is deliberately out of the urban environment in a peaceful village 15 km from Trento where the quiet, the silence, the breath of nature are fertile grounds for inspiration. Here, a staff of four employees prepare the birth of projects and provides for the management of the entire operational continuum, including the definition of the various production processes, the management of the building site works, the realization of the plants and any other specific intervention. In his early years of works Pisoni worked mainly in the field of residential design, but from 2005 he turned his attention especially to the tourism sector.